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Welcome to PV-Log, the free solar network!

PV-Log is the easy way to monitor and compare your solar energy yields.

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For all users and installations of all sizes. Easy and fast data import!

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Find installations quickly and easily, filtered by criteria such as manufacturer, size, year of construction, installer and many more...

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Countless ways to integrate PV-Log in other applications, apps and programs.

"Informative, Modern, Innovative"

Christian (31), Peine

"The best solar energy network I have ever seen. Makes comparing and sharing your energy yield as easy and intuivitive as slicing bread."

Cornelia (31), Wien

"Thanks to PV-Log and Solar-Friends there now is also the possibility to compare solar installation online in the emerging PV market of Austria."

Achim (50), Dresden

"With PV-Log I always and everywhere have access to my actual installation yields."

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Reasons to register on PV-Log

  • Unique Social Networking platform: make new "Solar Friends" and join this fast growing International solar community of PV enthusiasts!
  • FREE yield summary for all PV installations, graphically displayed by day, month or year.
  • PV Operators: compare your yield performance with installations in the same region or using the same technology to ensure you are getting maximum return
  • Potential Buyers: research the technology, see actual yield performance and ask questions to owners to check your forecasts before you buy
  • Installers: Register your PV installations and showcase them through our new referencing feature to attract potential buyers.
  • Manufacturers/Distributors engage with existing users of your technology and provide them with information they need, engage in new ways to promote your products
  • Automatic data transfer at short intervals!
  • Easy comparison of specific yields!
  • Quick overview with interactive graphs!
  • A selection of the supported data formats includes Solarlog, SMA Sunny Portal, Sunny Beam and Explorer, Meteocontrol, Danfoss Pro-WR, Kostal Piko, zonePHP and many more. If you use another data logger or a different format, contact us! We will work with you to create an interface.

Further information on PV-Log:

PV-Log is a Internet portal that makes it easy to monitor and compare efficiencies of photovoltaic installations across a range of technologies. Through our unique “Solar Friends” feature we offer social monitoring allowing you to network with other solar users for advice, communication and fun! For installers this is a great way to showcase your installations.

Automatic data updates are supported by many data loggers and inverter manufacturers. You also have a separate, free FTP account at the PV-FTP-server. Of course if you prefer, you can also upload CSV files to PV-log or record the performance data manually.

We invite you to join our growing global solar community, Register for Free today and start enjoying PV-Log.

Wishing you all great solar yields!
Your PV-Log team